Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally... and 17 months!

Finally... I got my layout changed on my blog. Just took some time for me to sit down and work on it. I hardly ever blog but I have got to start taking the time to. I think of things all week that I wish I would capture then, I never get around to doing it.

Emily turned 17 months on Wednesday and on that day she decided to use her Potty! I have had it in her bathroom for a couple of months but we haven't started training yet. On Thursday she was sitting on her highchair and starting giving me signals that she needed to go again, so I asked her and she proceeded to want down. So I took her and then she did both! I know (TMI). Sorry but I was really surprised. She has used it a couple of more times since then. So I guess we are going to proceed with potty training since she seem interested. My plan was to wait until she was 18 months to start. We will see how this goes!

She's also learned how to blow her nose over the past month which has been nice since she is always congested, except now she wants to hold the kleenex. Tonight she tried to take the kleenex up to our dog Sosha and get her to blow her nose. It was funny. She's doing better about not pulling Sosha's hair out. We have to be careful because Sosha is 6 years old, and set in her ways and I don't want Emily to be mean to her! ha. (or vise versa)!

We've had a pretty busy weekend. We had a yard sale Saturday morning that was a flop, but it was good to spend time with the family, then a birthday party that afternoon. Tried to scramble a nap for Emily in between. Today we tried to get some rest around the house while doing laundry. That's a task in it's self since Emily likes to drag it all over the house in the process. I decided to take her to Walmart against her wishes (bad idea). She should have stayed with Daddy. She acted like "that kid in walmart". She didn't want to ride in the buggy and I ended up having to carry her and she wanted to help push the buggy while I carried her. haha. Oh the life of a toddler!

Trying to decide if / when we are going to get to go to a pumpkin patch this year. I wanted to go this weekend or next but it is not looking good. We have another full weekend so I am not sure. I want to take Emily on a hayride. My plan was to go to Burt's but with the things we have going on next weekend we will not have time to go. Plus it is getting to the very busy time down there now. Maybe we can go somewhere closer.

Still haven't got my dinner plans together for this week. Maybe I can do that tomorrow night! I hope everyone has a good week!

Emily's 17 month measurements
23lb 50%
height - 31 in? 90% ?

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