Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My how time passes so quickly!

Really? I didn't know it had been so long since I had posted.. 5 weeks? Where did it go? What have we been up to? Well, July 4th we packed up half of the house and headed to Stone Mountain for the laser show and fireworks. To begin with, we traveled 2 hours to get there. Upon arriving at the exit, we noticed they started barricading the exit! They closed the park. That was nice! We told them we needed in because we were camping, but they would not let us in. (My parents were camping) So we drove down to the next exit and tried another entrance, but they would not let us in either! So we got back on the interstate headed North, and pulled over when we got back to the exit. This time we GOT IN! Once we got in and was in line forever...This is what we saw when we got up to the entrance!
(Stone Mountain Park is CLOSED due to capacity. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please join us another day!)

Luckily we got in, was in traffic for quite a while, then finally got parked and walked in. Boy was it crowded. Emily did great...until the fireworks! They scared her to death. It was very interesting trying to move up the lawn with a baby n carrier, stroller, two folding chairs diaper bag, camera and purse! Wow... Here's a picture of how crowded it was before everyone got in!

Below is Emily in her 4th attire...

I decided to go back to work last Monday when Emily was 2 months old. I was planning to go to her 2 month check up, but work was crazy and my husband was okay braving it by himself so he took her and I stayed at work. She was super healthy! 10 lb 10 oz and 23 inches long. Dr. Rogers said we could start spoon feeding her rice cereal whenever we wanted to. So we started last week. Here she is before her 3 shots!

Emily Makenna, What are you up to these days?

  • 10 weeks old
  • Eating 4.5 - 5oz of formula, approx every 3-4 hours.
  • Still eating cereal in your bottle at night, and spoon feeding cereal once a day.
  • Rolling over from your stomach to your back.
  • Sometimes suck on your paci so fast you send it flying across the room. Not sure what you would do without it, you are so attached! We are not going to find out anytime soon. Although you will not be the child walking around or going to school with it so forget it!
  • Have lost some of your hair in the back from sleeping on your back.
  • Have BLUE eyes :o)
  • Loves to hold on to your little personal bear blanket for security.
  • Cooing and saying "OOOOOO".
  • Smiling all the time. (We are ready for a laugh!)
  • Loving bath time.
  • Loves to snuggle!
  • You get excited when it's time to put your sleeper on!
  • Always happy in the morning!
  • Sleeping 5 hours at night, but thinks bedtime is midnight.
  • Pretty good control of your neck. Still a little bobbly, but getting there!
  • Tried bananas for the first time today, and loved them! Although you are still trying to figure out what to do with your tongue!

Here's some pictures from the last week.

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