Thursday, December 23, 2010

Emily & Santa

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards

Yes, I should already have my Christmas Cards out the door, but I am still working on them! It isn't the easiest thing with a 7 month old crawling around all over the place! I just wanted to let you bloggers know that Shutterfly is offering 50, yes 50 free Christmas cards to you guys! Christmas cards are expensive and this is a great time to save some money! I know everyone could use an opportunity to save some money to use on something else, like STAMPS to mail the Christmas cards! If your like me you have to order so many cards!

Shutterfly has the best cards!
Shutterfly Christmas Cards!

Also, Check out their calendars, they are great as well. I like to put special photos on them. Great gift ideas!

Here's some of my Favorite Cards!

I love using shutterfly to make our Christmas cards. The website is so easy to use. The shipping is really quick and cards always come never damaged! It was so hard for me to decide which pictures to put on our cards this year. Wish I would have had some "Christmas" photos, but we just had those made recently and it was too close! This is such a great promotion for Shutterfly! I can't wait to take the time to make a calendar for next year.

I recently saw one of the books you can make, and those are awesome! I would like to make one of those too! Shutterfly has so man
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Today was a great day. Spent the day with family. Celebrated my neice's 4th birthday... Great weather. 

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girl Trip , Apple Festival

Last night, Emily decided to take her bottle @ bedtime for the first time all week. She has had her schedule all changed around for some reason. Anyway, I was praying she would take her bottle (I had loaded with cereal) and sleep through the night until at least 6:00 a.m. so Mommy could get some much needed rest. Well, she surprised me and slept until 7:00 a.m. So we got up and got ready called GrandMom and went on a Girl's trip to the Apple Festival in Ellijay with her Great Aunt, and her Great Granny. We started at Cracker Barrel, and then started on our way. We made a few pit stops at several yard sales on the way. We took the scenic route over the mountain on the way down, to look at all of the trees changing. It was beautiful. It was great, just to get together and spend the day together. 

Okay, So here we are. Going somewhere that is about an hour away. These girls have been countless times, and what. We are at a gas station needing directions. Oh and might I add I have a GPS in my car and on my phone. So of course. My Mom puts my Aunt up to asking someone, AND she must photograph it.

Notice the guy's arm signals...

He's laughing because he now has figured out my mom has my huge NOTICEABLE D-SLR camera out. Not a sleek pocket one. Obviously, if he can see it ACROSS the parking lot, she was ZOOMED in. He also now has his coffee cup! 

Here comes Lisa, SOOOO embarrassed because now she knows what her sister is up to! haha. Always something! 

So we arrive.... Then we saw the cutest couple ever.


My Granny, My Aunt (Lisa) and Myself... (Boy I sure can tell I need to lose weight just by my face!) It was a good picture until the guy behind us had to put bunny ears! Lisa wanted to carry ALL the apples... She wanted it to look like we were mean to her :o) haha.

Emily Makenna....

Mom, Can you explain this one? I think I am going to have to show Matt... He's twice your age.

My Granny
How young do y'all think she is? :o)

And the truth is out... While I sip on my iced coffee not knowing ....some how... my Mom is of course photographing me...

Jayson always gives me a hard time saying I drink from the straw on the side of my mouth. I don't do in intentionally, I just do. Well, Here's the proof! haha.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY SUNDAY!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Wow, I know I have been missing in action lately. I have just had so much going on it seems. Plus, I haven't taken any pictures so I haven't wanted to blog, well I have wanted to blog but not without pictures! Work Monday thru Friday, The weekend...Then it is time to start all over again. Mornings are still hectic at the Clark home. I am doing better about getting up in the morning, so I am not in such a rush. Which makes things less stressful. I am still trying to gather everything I can for the next day the night before. (Prepare bottles, layout out clothes etc.)Emily is on a pretty good schedule. She goes to bed between 7 and 8 each night. She sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle but most of the time she sleeps through. She is eating oatmeal cereal in her bottle for bedtime and usually her first morning bottle. She has 3 bottles at daycare along with cereal and fruit in the mornings. At night she has a vegetable and now 1/2 a "tub" of fruit. Since 1 veggie doesn't satisfy her these days. She is about to start the baby food with meat in it. Not sure which ones will taste okay. We may also increase her to having a 3rd serving of baby food mid day. She is still loving her baths! She splashes like crazy, loves holding her rubber duck, steals the wash cloth from me, and has been pulling herself up on the side of her whale tub. I am fine with it until she wants to get her face too close to the water, and I decide it is time to get out! She is getting into crawling position but hasn't "taken off" yet. That doesn't mean she has any problem moving herself around though! She still loves her jumparoo and has figured out where all of her "activities" are on it. She is starting to really notice Sosha. She loves for Sosha to let her "pet" her. She loves the texture of Sosha's fluffy hair! Sosha doesn't know what to think since we have been telling her "No" for 5 months when she gets too close to Emily...Now we want her to come over to her so Emily can pet her. Should get interesting when Emily starts crawling or walking and wants to pull Sosha's hair out.
The latest and greatest Emily has had a runny nose for over a month. Tuesday night it was so bad she woke up every few minutes because she couldn't breathe out her nose, and since she sleeps with her paci...things were not working out! So Wednesday I decided I was going to take her to the doctor even though I knew they wouldn't give her any medicine since she is so young. Well, I am glad I took her because she had an Ear infection! I am sure it is because her nose has been so congested for over a month. I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter, full of sickness. I am praying if her antibiotics work, that she will not get something else soon after, but at the same time it is expected being in daycare. Speaking of daycare. She seems to love it, and her teachers love her! I am glad she is sooo good when she is there, of course she is good/ happy all the time anyway!

So, I wrote all of the above Friday, and well I am still working on this post. Emily is still sick. She feels good, but her nose is a mess, and it sure does make for a long night. It is EXTREMELY HARD when she can't breath out of it at night. Any suggestions? We have a Vick's vaporizer, a Vick's wall plug, Saline Nasal drops, The suction bulb, not sure what else to do.

Old Pictures... August ---- Can't believe these haven't made it on here yet. Wow.

I think she was 13 weeks in these.

What is this furry thing?

Decided to shed the dress... Yes, I love my Paci!

Please get this ridiculous Flower off my head Mommy...

Happy Baby... Even with my Peas on my pajamas

Okay, I know, I know. Some of this deserves it's own post, but since I am so behind it's going to be a combo! 

Labor Day in Destin. (4 months)

Emily had on her bikini even though she didn't swim!
Emily and her favorite guy...better stay that way too...forever.
Daddy, Let's just stay here!
Deep thought.
Did you guys really have to get this stuff between my toes...AGAIN?

Daddy, What are you doing to me? Wait...I think I like it.
Daddy is more worried about the sand between Emily's toes than she is...

Natalie's Shower for Baby Blake; Hosted by Jenny, Kasey, and Susan. Great Job Ladies! Everything was perfect!

 Claire and her Pigtails! (Tyler and Jenny Boyd's Daughter) She shares her Birthday with Emily. She is exactly 1 year older.
 Love this picture... (Anna ? , and Brady...Claire's older brother)
 Now let's smile this time...
 Claire getting her Pigtails put back together... Not sure how in the world Jenny does it.
 Emily Makenna at the Shower.
 Mr. Sam... Mommy get me out of here. ( Reed and Jayme Dill's newest addition.) Precious!

 Jayme and Sam

Looks just like his grandfather in this one!

And a few of Miss Emily from today...

Okay, I think that's enough babbling for one day. Hope everyone has a great / safe weekend!

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