Saturday, October 16, 2010

Girl Trip , Apple Festival

Last night, Emily decided to take her bottle @ bedtime for the first time all week. She has had her schedule all changed around for some reason. Anyway, I was praying she would take her bottle (I had loaded with cereal) and sleep through the night until at least 6:00 a.m. so Mommy could get some much needed rest. Well, she surprised me and slept until 7:00 a.m. So we got up and got ready called GrandMom and went on a Girl's trip to the Apple Festival in Ellijay with her Great Aunt, and her Great Granny. We started at Cracker Barrel, and then started on our way. We made a few pit stops at several yard sales on the way. We took the scenic route over the mountain on the way down, to look at all of the trees changing. It was beautiful. It was great, just to get together and spend the day together. 

Okay, So here we are. Going somewhere that is about an hour away. These girls have been countless times, and what. We are at a gas station needing directions. Oh and might I add I have a GPS in my car and on my phone. So of course. My Mom puts my Aunt up to asking someone, AND she must photograph it.

Notice the guy's arm signals...

He's laughing because he now has figured out my mom has my huge NOTICEABLE D-SLR camera out. Not a sleek pocket one. Obviously, if he can see it ACROSS the parking lot, she was ZOOMED in. He also now has his coffee cup! 

Here comes Lisa, SOOOO embarrassed because now she knows what her sister is up to! haha. Always something! 

So we arrive.... Then we saw the cutest couple ever.


My Granny, My Aunt (Lisa) and Myself... (Boy I sure can tell I need to lose weight just by my face!) It was a good picture until the guy behind us had to put bunny ears! Lisa wanted to carry ALL the apples... She wanted it to look like we were mean to her :o) haha.

Emily Makenna....

Mom, Can you explain this one? I think I am going to have to show Matt... He's twice your age.

My Granny
How young do y'all think she is? :o)

And the truth is out... While I sip on my iced coffee not knowing ....some how... my Mom is of course photographing me...

Jayson always gives me a hard time saying I drink from the straw on the side of my mouth. I don't do in intentionally, I just do. Well, Here's the proof! haha.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY SUNDAY!

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