Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extreme couponing- A MONEY MAKER OR TIME WASTER?

Extreme couponing- A MONEY MAKER OR TIME WASTER?

I found this post from "A Thrifty Mom" Hope you guys will read it. Being a Coupon person, I found it very interesting!.... Enjoy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

10.5 Appetite

Emily Makenna you are 10.5 months old. You weigh 20 lb. 10 oz. Quickly approaching 11. You have not had a bottle in 2 weeks, only a sippy cup. You have also switched from formula to whole milk. We went to the doctor last Tuesday because you have been coughing really bad at night and they gave you Zyrtec and Nasonex. Plus eye drops. So hopefully you will start to feel better soon. Your coughing seems to be somewhat better so far.

You are trying to walk all over the place. You can run up and down the sofa and around the tables as long as you have ahold of something but the minute you let go you want to get back into that crawling position!

You eat absolutely anything. There really isn't anything that you DON'T like. Sometimes I think you want to eat more than a Kindergardner. Seriously. That's okay though, at this point you aren't gaining much weight and have tons of energy!

Emily is learning sign language at daycare and this is her doing "more" like she wants more food!

You still love bath time!

We finally have a good schedule that works out for us! You wake up about 5:00/6:00 each morning 6:30 on the weekends; We get ready and you have your milk before we go to daycare, We are at daycare by 6:30 most morning, sometimes 7:00. You eat breakfast there around 8:15-8:30, You drink your whole milk throughout the day there, and always have it with your meals. You have lunch around 11 (from the kitchen of course! You haven't had baby food in a couple of months), and then have your early nap.  You usually sleep for at least an hour to two hours at day care, but at home you usually take an earlier nap and sleep for around 3 hours! It's hard for you to sleep I guess..., then later you take another !!! after noon nap, around 3:30 or so for possibly 1 or 2 hours! I pick you up around 5:30. We come home, and have dinner. Then it is play time for 45 minutes or so. We take a bath around 7:00 or 7:15. Then it is off to bed at 7:30! Sometimes I rock you for just a few minutes just to relax you, but I do not rock you to sleep. I lay you down in your bed and you go to sleep on your own. You sleep until the next morning!

You are very curious now, you love exploring things in the house. You love magazines! You love Kleenex! Oh the newspaper! When you eat your food, I usually just chop it up and put it on your high chair because you want to feed yourself, well if you decide you don't want it you drop it in the floor! Nice! Now you insist on taking the spoon away from me. I only feed you what has to be served with a spoon. You aren't very good at holding the food on the spoon but you are very independent, so I let you practice!

Here you are when you feel asleep in the car with your steering wheel!

Your favorite thing to do!

Here you are in your Bikini getting ready for the beach...