Sunday, February 13, 2011

9 Months

Emily Makenna You are 9 Months Old!

Where has the time gone?

** Page Note** Please disregard my page as is it being remodeled :o)

You are such a fast crawler! You pull up on everything walk fast down the side of the Sofas and around the tables. You try to turn around and walk off but you don't have good balance yet so you fall down. Hopefully it won't be long and you can walk. You like to get into the cabinets, the toilet, the fireplace. You crawl under the end tables in the den. You try to unplug the lamps. You are such a mess!

You are eating some table food. You had biscuit and gravy last weekend. This weekend I finally decided to make you an egg yoke an give it to you. You seemed to like it. Although there aren't many things you don't like.

Sure wished you would eat your greens again. They use to be your favorite, now you hate them. You scream if I try to give them to you. You drink about (5) 6oz bottles of formula a day. You use to drink 8oz but you were sick so much we dropped you back down and you have stayed there. Your not that interested in your bottles too much anymore. You also eat Yogurt first thing every morning, Then you have a fruit. You also eat Vegetables in the afternoon, Then Some kind of Dinner/Vegetables for Dinner.  You are doing good drinking out of your sippy cups... You sure can put away some food child!

You have been sick since you were 3 months old consistently. You have had 6 ear infections. You have taken antibiotics every other week each month for 2 weeks of the month. Twice a day. Finally, Finally. We were able to take you to have tubes put into your little ears. We are so very thankful to get that fluid off of your ears so you can have better balance and to have the pressure off of them. I pray that your hearing has been restored in your left ear when we go back to the doctor and that it is not permanently damaged from all of the infections. I pray that it was only the fluid blocking your hearing during your hearing test sweet baby. .
You have also had the absolute awful mess of RUNNY / CONGESTED NOSE which has been the cause of the ears I am sure. Since the doctor couldn't give you anything for nose, the ears kept getting infected. Anyway, the nose is still a mess. I believe we will use the nose suckers till the fall apart.

Now if we can get those 2 front teeth to come in ... that have been trying to come in for OH let's say 3 months or so... We can all have peace. Emily has been waking up each night running a high fever because of them. They are so swollen.

Emily use to spit up really bad. She didn't have reflux. Well she was never checked for reflux. (We switched doctors). Anyway, my point...She "out grew this" around 6 months. So glad..Whew she was going threw some outfits those days!

I don't mean to sound as if we are having a worse time than we are. I know there are many others that are having a much tougher time that we are. I am just simply sharing our story of what is going on in our lives at this time. I don't want this to come across wrong. I am very blessed that these are the only very little medical issues we are having to go through. We have truly been blessed.

Time is going by so fast. In a blink of an eye my sweet precious daughter will be turning 1.
So hard to believe...

Random Thoughts...

Wow, I know I know. It has been FOREVER, since I have posted. Excuses Excuses. Anywho. Today was such a gorgeous day! I was so excited to get outside and enjoy it! Gathered with friends and grilled some good food!!! Yum. Does anyone think we are going to get a "big" snow this month? We will see...

Trying to get ready for the consignment sales... Tagging, tagging, tagging. Emily has blew through so many clothes! So hard to know how to price things. I haven't consigned before, so we will see how it goes this time around, hopefully I can sell some of her things. 

Saturday night was Date night with the Husband :o) Yay! It was great to get out, to at least to go dinner. 

More to come...