Monday, April 8, 2013

Maniac Monday

It's Monday. Yes the dreaded Monday. It was so hard for me to go back to work today after being off work for a week. At least it went by fast. I overslept this morning. I cut my alarm off like I wasn't going to work. I think because I stayed up so late last night. It was 11:30 and Emily was chasing Sosha around the house like a wild person. O.M.G. I finally made Sosha sleep outside so Emily would calm down. I know she is going to be tired tonight. Emily not the dog. The dog gets to sleep all day. Ha. So I take her to school this morning after being out for a week, to find that my wishes came true and she has been moved to the "Chatterbugs" class! Woohoo! Not only that, but all of her friends have moved too! I can't believe it. I was more than thrilled. We were not expecting to move until school let out in May and the Pre-K kids started moving. Emily of course was still asleep so she was just rolling with it at that point. She has been in two different two year old rooms in the past year. The first one for 3 months. Once she was potty trained she moved to an "older" room with only 10 kids, but in the past few months 10 more kids moved in that are not necessarily "younger" but they are just becoming potty trained so of course the ones that were potty trained have started going backwards and having behavior issues. I'm so thankful for her to move to the "Chatterbugs" because it is the most structured room at the school. We will see how this goes! 

 My legs are so sore from running and doing squats yesterday. I was going to try to get on the treadmill this morning, but that didn't happen after I was up until after midnight. Instead, I did an intense arm workout tonight...

Thats all. Happy Monday

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