Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It has been so long since I have updated this blog that I do not even know where to start! Emily is 16 weeks today. So I get a little confused about the age thing. It seems like she will be a month "ahead" soon if I go by how old she is in weeks, but if I go by the day she was born in "months" it is different. humm.. I can not believe it. She is holding her head up really good. We are practicing sitting in her bumbo seat. She seems to enjoy it more and more. She is starting to not like to sit in the bouncer for any amount of time. So we mainly use it to eat baby food. (which she has tried everything that is for her age. haven't really found anything she DOESN'T like yet. I am sure it all tastes better than just formula!) She wants to be stretched out so she can move around. As soon as she lays down on her back, she rolls to her tummy. Sunday we tried out her Jumperoo. She can finally hold her head up well enough now to enjoy it. She loves the music and lights on it.She is getting so long she can almost reach the ground. I am so excited for her upcoming appointment to find out how long / and her weight. She is growing so much, the down fall is she has to have shots again! Boo hoo. Emily has just recently started day care at the Gingerbread house. So far.... we love it! Ms. Brenda who is the teacher in Emily's room spoils her! I am glad everything is going good so far. Hopefully she will not pick up any sickness for a while!

I was going to post a picture of her in her Jumperoo here...but she has been in bed early every night this week! Day care makes her tired!

Two weekends ago, we went to Bristol,TN for the Nascar race. Jayson and I are not "big" into it, but whenever my Mom has suite tickets, we are always up for it! Thank you Mom! Jayson braved the trip with myself, my Mom and my Aunt! We had a really good time. It was pretty interesting trying to find a place to park. Everything was filling up quickly. The people that live there "sell" spaces in their yards. Most of them were 40 or 50 dollars, leave it to Jayson and I to find the most organized one for 20 bucks! Yay!

Bill Haslam's father owns Pilot Travel Centers (the suite we were in) He is the mayor of Knoxville, and is running for the governor of Tennessee. It was neat to meet him.

Bill and myself

Lisa, Bill Haslam and Mom

View of the track from the suite...

Last weekend we had a busy weekend. My niece celebrated her 7th birthday on Saturday. We went to the party for a little bit.

Emily had a good time playing with GrandMom.

My cousin, Wendy, who recently had a baby also was there. She brought her son Landon. He is so cute. We were joking because he has the same car seat as Emily. When Jayson and I were leaving the hospital with Emily we had to move the shoulder straps to the 2nd position. We joked that we couldn't believe there was such a baby that would have it on the first level! Well, guess what? Little Landon has his on the first level and he is 1 month old! How precious. He is so tiny! His Mom doesn't know any better but to dress him in ORANGE.

Emily stayed awake until 2:30, then it was nap time! As soon as she layed down she was out! Then I had to wake her up in an hour so I could take her to her Nana and Papa's house to go to her Great Grandmother's 86th Birthday party. She had a busy day! Jayson and I had ANOTHER birthday party to go to. This time a surprise 50th party for a friend of ours! The party was held at Willow Creek Farms.

 Jayson and I drove the orange Fastback...

 We visited the llamas!

 We had a really great time, but missed our Little Emily! Sunday she started getting congested since she was outside some on Saturday and Sunday. She hasn't been out much since she was born because it has been 100 degrees everyday. Now she has a stuffy nose, sneezing and watery eyes! Poor little baby, I hope it goes away soon!
Sorry, I didn't have many pictures of Emily this post! We have had a busy week already. I should have plenty on the next post. We are off to stick our toes in the sand one more time tomorrow before the weather starts cooling down. Yay! We need a mini - vacation!
Hope everyone has a great Labor day Weekend, BE SAFE!

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  1. i Love it!! Glad those llamas didnt spit at cha!! lol jk
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